Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Gingerbread Man

With the holidays just around the corner and decorations already hitting the stores, I was so inspired to crochet this skull cap / beanie. These reds, chocolate browns and soft white yarns give me that cozy feeling that the crisp fall weather and holiday season are just around the corner.
The picture below shows the hat without the gingerbread clips. I think it cute either way but more whimsical with the smiling clips.
The gingerbread faces can be removed and worn in the hair or clothing. I love the googlie eyes on the gingerbread and their sweet smiling faces gives them character. I have listed this skull cap on my etsy shop and other crocheted hats can be found on my site.

As you can see, one is a girl and the other a boy. I so enjoyed making these little clips. They made me laugh and think of Christmas past. I long to be a kid again...sigh. I so love the holidays, not for the commercialism of it all but the togetherness that it brings among family, friends and gingerbread.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Enough to Eat

Yes, more eye candy. I've created yet another delicious pincushion for my pincushion loving friends. Can you say YUMMY? I loved making this pincushion. It is entirely hand stitched and a bit time consuming, but it was oh so therapeutic. Creating this piece of loveliness helped me relax and clear my mind of the day's ordeals. I just love taking fabric, needle and thread then turn them into something unexpected. I loved making this project so much, I just had to make two.

Now I am faced with the dilemma of "Which to I like best?" Hm mm, why choose when I can have both. Best of all, they are calorie and fat free. Want to get one for yourself? Visit my cake pincushion page and indulge.