Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Sunday, was a beautiful day here in the Atlanta area. We, decided to take a trip to Stone Mountain Park which is about a 20 minute drive for us. The park was full of people and dogs walking the trails and breathing the fresh air. It was like a beautiful spring day with happiness in the air.
Cody certainly had a wonderful time. I can't believe how much he as grown in a year. Look how little he was. They sure do grow up fast. He's still a very sweet pup and everyone wanted to meet him.
This is the other side of the big ole rock. Well, I should say another side of it. I think we ended up walking about 5 miles which was great for my legs.
A view down the lake. The waters were very clear. Hmmmm, where is Cody? See if you can find him. I didn't even realize he was in this picture until I was editing it.
One of many engraved trees we saw along the trails. It is carved with lots of initials and I love yous.

Well, since Cody was tired, we decided to take a rest and then head home. We plan to come back each week to see the different events they have to offer. Most of the park activities were closed for the season but the scenery was just beautiful.