Monday, October 8, 2007

Go Dawgs!!!

I live in bulldog country and a friend of my husband recently had a baby. What a fitting gift to give to the little guy. I had so much fun stitching out this cute little bulldog created by a wonderful friend of mine, Gail. She did an awesome job. She had shown me an embroidery design of a sweet little tiger she had digitized and I told her she must do a bulldog for me. She said yes but there was a catch. I had to test the design for her. I did with pleasure and the results are here before you. Isn't it the cutest design for a baby's onesie, burp cloth and hat? I think so and the recipients did as well. Thanks Gail for all your hard work. To see more of Gail's designs, check out her website at Gail's Embroidery Spot. I can't wait to see what other designs she comes up with. Hmmm, I hope she let's me test them too. ;)