Monday, August 6, 2007

Yummy Crocheted Tart/Pastries

Well, one of my loves is baking and another is crocheting. Hmmm, what can one do to combine the two? Well, since it is too hot to bake today, I whipped up a batch of crocheted tarts. I had so much fun making these and they look oh so yummy. I may have to get in there and really bake up a batch. NOT!!!
So, what do I do with these crocheted yummies? Well, they are still on the cake plate and add a splash of color and eye candy. Friends have said these actually make them hungry just looking at them. I have to agree. My husband even likes them. I made up another chocolate one just to use as a pincushion. It brings a little whimsy to my craft room and sewing table.

The best thing about these crocheted tarts, there are no calories and you can have all you want without the guilt. What more can a girl ask for? Well, diamonds would be nice.

These can be found on my website under pincushions . Drop by and check them out. If you would like to make your own, the pattern can be found in my esty shop.

Well, I am off to the kitchen, errr, craft-room, to whip up another batch of crocheted goodies. Stay tuned to Crystal Creates.


MaryT said...

Love those tarts Crystal! Good luck with your blog and your creations. I look forward to visiting your blog again soon.

Amy said...

Oh my they look so dang yummy. thanks for sharing, Amy