Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time to Keep Organized

Wow!!!! January is well underway and I haven't updated my blog in two months. Amazing how time flies. I hope every one's year has gotten off to a great start and you are still on track with your resolutions. For me, I didn't make any resolutions; however, I have set goals that I would like to achieve this year.

One of my goals is to stay organized. To help with that, I've create these cute and very functional needle books.

I'm always taking projects in the car with me and one of the things that I always seem to lose in my bag of projects is the tiny plastic tube to keep needles in. Well, with my new needle book, I am sure to keep every thing in its place.

I've updated the Etsy shop with these little cuties. So, feel free to stop by and take a look. I plan to make many updates to the Etsy shop and website this year. That is another goal.

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fluidambition said...

What a fantastic idea!