Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nothing but Cupcakes

Colorful glass beads make wonderful sprinkles for a crocheted cupcake. I was asked by a customer to create a cupcake for her upcoming wedding. She wants to use it as the ring pillow. Wow, I had never thought of using my cupcakes in a wedding. I was honored to create the cupcake using her wedding colors. I not only made one, but several for her to choose from. The one above was made using a bright orange yarn. I think it is pretty.

This one is made using a soft peach color yarn. It is one of the ones she picked. All the glass beads on this one are peach as well.

Another one she picked is this dark orange, almost pumpkin orange, cupcake. As I said, I really enjoyed working with this customer. Maybe she will send pictures of her wedding. I don't have these cupcakes on my website for sale, however, you can find them in my Etsy Shop . I so love doing custom work and seeing the end results.

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